Thank you so much for reading and sharing my short essay, Rika, and for your thought-provoking insights. Yes, let's spread the good ones!

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Absolutely! Thank you for starting a Substack and sharing your many insights, like this one:

"As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a constant attitude.” To live up to this principle, we must break with the attitudes that impede us from empathizing with others in reaching our goals. If we find ourselves aghast at the horrible practice of retaliation and exerting force to achieve one’s ends, it’s necessary to pinpoint the root causes of any violent behavior at a micro-level, before it manifests on a much larger and less manageable scale, and to prevent or minimize others’ suffering by nurturing humans’ innate goodness through concrete actions."

I'm super excited to read more of your writing!!

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Talking more and spreading good thoughts and being positive certainly makes sense. And there are plenty of examples of seemingly small acts of kindness yielding amazingly broad positive results

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